May 30, 2010

Friend's Wedding (+ SNQ Day 2)

Somehow managing to post just after returning from two of my friend's wedding together, I obviously didn't drink enough of the free wine on the table! Was a really nice day, sadly for the bride and groom it was rather gloomy weather-wise, but it didn't put a damper on the event, and I enjoyed "mingling" and doing some dodgy dancing in the particularly cheesy disco.

My fiancé Liz & my son Clark

Me, Clark & Liz

The happy couple

Supernova Quest:
Day 2 was March 27th. Lots of 10th-18ths in 180-mans meant the day could have gone much better, but still a decent day...

Days played/elapsed: 2/3
VPPs earned (Day 2): 598
VPPs earned (Total): 1114
VPPs remaining: 92,150

Day 2:


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1 Comment to "Friend's Wedding (+ SNQ Day 2)"

Boom said...

Thanks for adding me to your blog list, I added you as well. I really love your layout, lots going on. Good luck to you