May 27, 2010

My 1st video blog...

"Recommended Reading" mentioned in the video blog:

I can't believe how long it took me to record a paltry 10 minutes of film. The editing process took a bloody long time as I'm apparently unable to string more than two sentences together at a time with a camera pointed on me. It also took 4 attempts to upload it onto YouTube! Tilllllllt!

Sigh @ my first blog making it come across like I have some man-love for Stuart Rutter as I mention him approximately 679 times.

I'm actually a couple of days into the "Supernova Quest" that I mention in the video, and will start posting results up soon using this template. Challenges like this have motivated me in the past, and if I am able to make Supernova in 7 months it will mean I have put in the volume that I would like to consistently hit. I do have a bit of a head start, having made 6750 VPPs so far this year. 100,000 is the target, so lets gogogogo...

Epitomised @ PokerStars
Supernova Quest:
Days played/elapsed: 0/0
VPPs earned: 0
VPPs remaining: 93,250

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2 Comments to "My 1st video blog..."

Daleroxxu said...

Nice one, don't be afraid to be edgy - it's what the fans want :D

Pro?Nah said...

Liking it so far J