May 19, 2010

I talk too much (but don't update enough!)...

I was meaning for my next blog post to be my first video blog, but somehow haven't found the time to sort it out, and with my blog being long overdue an update you'll have to make do with this!

Poker is still not going great. I've been trying to put as much time into studying my game as I can, but I can't seem to get back to the crushing I was doing in February/March. My play has been a bit sporadic, and after the GUKPT Coventry this week (I shall be playing the £300 event on Wednesday evening and the £1k main event on Friday), I will be focusing on grinding a decent schedule. 100 games a day, 5 days a week is perfectly reasonable and there's no reason I shouldn't be churning that out almost every week.

G Casino, Coventry

In other news I bust out early in the UKIPT Nottingham. After making a big laydown with AK preflop (where I went with my read, but it would certainly have been perfectly reasonable to get it in/go busto), I got pretty coolered the very next hand with JJ vs KK on a 238 board. I was beating myself up over it for a day or so because the guy gave me this huge Hollywood act before making the final shove, but I was getting a zillion-to-one on a call so although it felt like a fold, I don't think it was a realistic option.

Dusk 'til Dawn, Nottingham

Something that I noticed in this tournament was that I talk too damn much at the table. It's a bad-beat if you get stuck on my right because I'm often just going to natter away at you. I guess I don't get that much social interaction being stuck behind a computer at home a lot of the time, and live poker gives me that outlet. However I don't take enough note of the action on hands that I'm not playing, which is important for understanding how your opponents are playing. I'm gonna try and cool it down for my next tournament, and see if that extra focus will allow me to make it to the antes for the first time in a live tournament this year! (I've only played 2 tournaments this year, so that trivia isn't too worrying just yet...)

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4 Comments to "I talk too much (but don't update enough!)..."

Anonymous said...

I'm the complete opposite and hardly talk at the table, there again I hardly ever play live either

Steven said...

Hey man, thanks for adding me to your blog list!

You can have this printed on a t-shirt when I'm rich & famous, lol ;)

Unknown said...

No probs dude ;)

Anonymous said...

Cool read as ever

any chance linking me up?