April 01, 2010

Lol swongaments...

The last week or more has been pretty ridiculous. On any given day I'm either taking it in the ass from the deck, or having it treat me so well that it does my washing, housework and ironing for me whilst simultaneously sending me links to free High Definition porn and spamming people to visit my blog.

Still, at the end of all the swongs I've done okay, although the last week hasn't been in line with the year in general...nevertheless as long as I end up in Profitville I guess it doesn't matter if I take the newly tarmacked motorway or the bumpy farm road with the occasional cow and/or donkey blocking the way.

Last 7 Days:

2010 so far:

I mentioned in my last post I was getting itchy wanting to play live, so I will be playing the UKIPT event in Coventry next week. If I do any good, I wonder if it will take Mick McCool 4 months to give it a mention :)

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1 Comment to "Lol swongaments..."

Amatay said...

Links to the high def porn pls.