April 28, 2010

Meh @ April & Poker After Dark

Dodgy Schedule
Poker this month hasn't been going all that great. It hasn't been helped by me tinkering with my playing schedule. In an attempt to boost my volume and winrate, I tried playing a 6pm-3am schedule for a few days, as so many more games get running at this time. Therefore not only does it take less time to load up the maximum amount of tables (and keep that number running steady) your average buy-in is also higher. However the downside of this is that unsurprisingly there are more regs around at this time. This trial didn't go well as my results weren't great (albeit a relatively small sample involved), but also I wasn't a fan of the life-tilt it inflicted. I feel like I'm more fresh when I play shortly after waking up, rather than hanging around all day waiting to play, and it also meant I wasn't able to spend much time alone with my girlfriend which kinda sucked.

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I have also been tinkering around with playing MTTs, which I feel has been a bit of a waste of time. I'm not sure I can hack the variance in these things, as I have gone deep in several big tournaments where a big score was on the horizon, but inevitably I ran bad at the business end of the tournament, and busted before the money got decent. Perhaps eventually MTTs will be where I ply my trade, but I'll wait until I can take the brutality that comes alongside them.

Fresh Start
Based on the session I just had with my coach Bwammo, some leaks have definitely crept into my game over the last couple of weeks. My confidence is definitely a bit low at the minute, and I think the fact I haven't stuck to my standard schedule has had a negative affect on my game. So after a kind of lazy month, with me not playing all that well, I'm seeing the 1st of May as a good time to 'start afresh'. The first four months of the year have been decent in terms of earnings, but I really feel I could have been much more productive and I want to go back to the work ethic that allowed me to play 3700 SNGs and have a $10k month last November.

Live Poker
I binked a seat on DTD Poker last week into the UKIPT event at Dusk 'til Dawn in May, and I'm also looking at playing the GUKPT main event at the G Casino in Coventry. Perhaps getting in some live practice before my in-the-process-of-planning trip to Vegas isn't a bad idea.

Poker After Dark
Having run out of episodes of High Stakes Poker Season 6 to watch, I looked to the cash game episodes of the most recent Poker After Dark series for some 'pokertainment'. For the most part, I kinda wish I hadn't bothered, as the 6-player line-up included at least 3 super-nits in the form of Mike Matusow, Todd Brunson and Chris Ferguson, so the action wasn't fantastic.

It was kind of slim pickings in the way of pots for most of the 10 episodes, but watching Phil Hellmuth mis-play literally every single hand he was dealt was quite amusing. In one pot, he limped UTG with Aces for $200. He was raised to $800 by Antonio Esfandiari, which Brunson and Matusow both called. He now chooses to re-raise to $10,800 and force them all out of the pot. LOL. WP Phil.

Esfandiari chuckles, "You might be the worst in the history of poker. What hand could you possibly have where that's the correct raise." Click here if you are interested in seeing the hand (at 5 mins 38 secs).

Hellmuth also got outplayed by Brandon Adams, who looks a solid player, in this pot, and soon after got very sicked in this hand to go broke.

The most interesting hand of the 10 episodes featured Ferguson and Matusow. There was a back history to this hand, as Ferguson had refused to participate in the 'Seven Deuce Bounty' Game for $500 a head, and wouldn't back down from this. The players heckled him for being too much of a nit (fair enough imo). However they overdid it, and the person that overdid it the most was Mike Matusow, who really needled Ferguson throughout the game continuously calling him a super-nit (hypocrisy ftw!). So when Ferguson picked up the 72, he pretty much had to 3-bet Matusow. I've only ever seen Ferguson play tight ABC poker, and coupled with his general quietness at the table, I've always wondered how he keeps getting invited to play on these TV tables (Full Tilt affiliation?) over. So I was pleasantly surprised when this hand went down:

On a closing note, I just bought a Sony Bloggie for the purpose of doing a few video blogs in the future. I'm thinking it will also be useful as a camcorder in general for taking videos of my baby son Clark to embarass him with when he's older. Anyway, look out for my next update as I intend to post my first video blog as soon as I get a haircut!

April 20, 2010

UKIPT Coventry trip report...

I started out writing a report on the £500+50 UKIPT event I went to play at the G-Casino in Coventry earlier in the month, but it turned out to be quite long so thought I might as well use it as material for my PokerNews column. If you're ever thinking my blog is a bit shit, often my best writing goes into that rather than this (I'm sure there's direct correlation of some sort between writing I'm paid for and writing I'm not!).

Anyway, that is available by clicking here

I have been mega busy the last 2 weeks, hence the lack of update. Will post up how things have been going soon (not all that fantastic) and perhaps talk about some of the recent poker shows I've watched on TV that warrant comment...

April 01, 2010

Lol swongaments...

The last week or more has been pretty ridiculous. On any given day I'm either taking it in the ass from the deck, or having it treat me so well that it does my washing, housework and ironing for me whilst simultaneously sending me links to free High Definition porn and spamming people to visit my blog.

Still, at the end of all the swongs I've done okay, although the last week hasn't been in line with the year in general...nevertheless as long as I end up in Profitville I guess it doesn't matter if I take the newly tarmacked motorway or the bumpy farm road with the occasional cow and/or donkey blocking the way.

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I mentioned in my last post I was getting itchy wanting to play live, so I will be playing the UKIPT event in Coventry next week. If I do any good, I wonder if it will take Mick McCool 4 months to give it a mention :)