March 24, 2010

Lose, Lose, Run like God, Lose...

Have had kind of a grindy week of poker, featuring 3 pretty sucky losing days, but a real hot streak in the middle means I have about earned almost as much as I would expect to for the hours I've put in.

I've got so much better at dealing with losing days then I ever used to manage. A couple of years ago I found it difficult to deal with any day that involved anything more than a small loss, and often times would play longer than optimal or jump stakes or whatever to try and make it back. This is a pretty standard problem for poker players to have to overcome, certainly if they want to be winning poker players anyway, and I'm glad that mindframe is in the past. All a losing day is for me now is a bump on the road (or the graph!) with profit being an inevitable destination as long as I don't allow the losing sessions to affect my game.

Variance is a funny thing, and this last week has felt like I'm either getting gut-wrenched in every game, or running like God. Perhaps running average each day would make it too much like a normal job but perhaps it would be a little less stressful overall.

Below are a couple of my graphs. I'm playing the 45-man and 90-man SNGs on Full Tilt, mostly the $26 games, but also the $11, $13 and the occasional $75 game too. Am very happy with how the year is going so far, especially considering I didn't play at all in January. I still wish I was putting in a bit more volume though. Am hitting around 300 SNGs a week, whereas I'd like to be routinely playing at least 400-500 ideally.

Last 7 Days:

2010 so far:

I'm kind of getting "itchy fingers" for some live poker at the minute. It's been a good 3 months since I played live and there's a few prospects on the calendar in April. Am determined to go to Vegas for at least some of the World Series this year, as I haven't been out there since 2007, and poker is going as well for me at the moment as is has since I last went, so it would be almost rude not to!

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