March 17, 2010

Coaching and Durrrr...

My most recent UK PokerNews column has gone live and is available here. Generally in my column I try and talk about what's going on in the poker world for me, and over the last few weeks I have been taking on more students as a coach on I now have six under my wing, though I think I'll be drawing the line at 7 or 8, otherwise my own playing time is going to get eaten up a little too much!

As I talked about a few weeks ago there is a lot of poker on television at the moment. I've always found watching poker enjoyable, I guess because of my passion for the game, and sometimes it can be a good motivator as well. Season 6 of the EPT has started airing, but having only watched the first episode of that, a couple of other programmes have got my attention recently:

The Durrr million dollar challenge has made for interesting viewing, not only for the creative play of the genius that is Tom Dwan, but also because of the insight of colour commentator Isaac Haxton. It's not quite the same as watching a training video, but I've felt like I've been learning a couple of things as well as enjoying the action. The hand below, featuring the seven-deuce prop-bet, is probably the pick of the hands played so far...

High Stakes Season 6 has finally got off the ground in recent episodes with some big pots and sick plays. I just finished watching
Episode 5, which sees three players getting felted in interesting hands, although the highlight of the show is this hand between super deep stacked (playing effectively like 1000 big blinds) Tom Dwan and Phil Ivey:

Anyway, that's enough watching poker for me, now I actually need to go and play some!...

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