March 24, 2010

Lose, Lose, Run like God, Lose...

Have had kind of a grindy week of poker, featuring 3 pretty sucky losing days, but a real hot streak in the middle means I have about earned almost as much as I would expect to for the hours I've put in.

I've got so much better at dealing with losing days then I ever used to manage. A couple of years ago I found it difficult to deal with any day that involved anything more than a small loss, and often times would play longer than optimal or jump stakes or whatever to try and make it back. This is a pretty standard problem for poker players to have to overcome, certainly if they want to be winning poker players anyway, and I'm glad that mindframe is in the past. All a losing day is for me now is a bump on the road (or the graph!) with profit being an inevitable destination as long as I don't allow the losing sessions to affect my game.

Variance is a funny thing, and this last week has felt like I'm either getting gut-wrenched in every game, or running like God. Perhaps running average each day would make it too much like a normal job but perhaps it would be a little less stressful overall.

Below are a couple of my graphs. I'm playing the 45-man and 90-man SNGs on Full Tilt, mostly the $26 games, but also the $11, $13 and the occasional $75 game too. Am very happy with how the year is going so far, especially considering I didn't play at all in January. I still wish I was putting in a bit more volume though. Am hitting around 300 SNGs a week, whereas I'd like to be routinely playing at least 400-500 ideally.

Last 7 Days:

2010 so far:

I'm kind of getting "itchy fingers" for some live poker at the minute. It's been a good 3 months since I played live and there's a few prospects on the calendar in April. Am determined to go to Vegas for at least some of the World Series this year, as I haven't been out there since 2007, and poker is going as well for me at the moment as is has since I last went, so it would be almost rude not to!

March 17, 2010

Coaching and Durrrr...

My most recent UK PokerNews column has gone live and is available here. Generally in my column I try and talk about what's going on in the poker world for me, and over the last few weeks I have been taking on more students as a coach on I now have six under my wing, though I think I'll be drawing the line at 7 or 8, otherwise my own playing time is going to get eaten up a little too much!

As I talked about a few weeks ago there is a lot of poker on television at the moment. I've always found watching poker enjoyable, I guess because of my passion for the game, and sometimes it can be a good motivator as well. Season 6 of the EPT has started airing, but having only watched the first episode of that, a couple of other programmes have got my attention recently:

The Durrr million dollar challenge has made for interesting viewing, not only for the creative play of the genius that is Tom Dwan, but also because of the insight of colour commentator Isaac Haxton. It's not quite the same as watching a training video, but I've felt like I've been learning a couple of things as well as enjoying the action. The hand below, featuring the seven-deuce prop-bet, is probably the pick of the hands played so far...

High Stakes Season 6 has finally got off the ground in recent episodes with some big pots and sick plays. I just finished watching
Episode 5, which sees three players getting felted in interesting hands, although the highlight of the show is this hand between super deep stacked (playing effectively like 1000 big blinds) Tom Dwan and Phil Ivey:

Anyway, that's enough watching poker for me, now I actually need to go and play some!...

March 11, 2010

Stag do shenanigans...

I've been way too lazy recently. I'm not happy with my volume (or lack thereof) at the tables, and it's taken way too long to update my blog, so apologies for that. I really need to get back to my working 9-5 kinda schedule, as I felt that routine encouraged me to put in a solid session of poker, but still have enough of the day spare for other things.

Poker wise, except for the lack of volume I've put in this year, things are going well and I have a solid winrate in the 45 and 90 man MTT SNGs on Full Tilt. Having had a quick session on PokerStars this week, I discovered Full Tilt provides a less stressful session. I guess this is because you can have a maximum 16 games running (whereas I play 20 or more on Stars), you get a longer timebank, and things just seem a whole lot less rushed than on PokerStars.

Coaching is also going well. I now have 6 students under my wing, so a reasonable amount of my week is spent with them. Generally they are doing well, and a couple are really beginning to crush, which is good to see. I just sent my latest PokerNews column to the editor, and the topic I chose was coaching, so I will post the link up to that when it goes live.

This past weekend I attended a fairly epic Stag do. 7 of us embarked to Newcastle-upon-Tyne for 2 nights. I knew things weren't looking good when I was handed two lagers and two double vodka and lemonades to drink on the 2-3 hour journey. I wouldn't have too much of a problem with this if it wasn't 9am at the time!! Things didn't look much better when the taxi driver literally laughed in our faces when we told him the hotel we wanted to go to upon our arrival. Well done the Best Man for booking this 5* accommodation(!):

I just about managed to survive the 18-straight-hours of drinking on the Friday, although everyone had a good laugh as they shovelled down their Full English Breakfasts the next morning as I gingerly poked at mine! I managed to recover enough to enjoy the gameat St. James' Park. The last football match I saw in person was the 0-0 draw between Aston Villa and Arsenal a couple of months ago, so was pretty pleasing to watch Newcastle run rampant against Barnsley, winning 6-1 with the aid of 'Spiderman'.

Although there was a tad too much daytime drinking, and it was pretty limp (notice choice of word, lol) that we never made it to the surely-obligatory strip club, it was a pretty awesome weekend and I had a really good time with the lads involved.

Oh, and another thanks to the Best Man who sent this link around in an e-mail the day after we got back! Guess the name of the place where we stayed?