November 13, 2009

SNG contest is hotting up...

Apologies for another big gap in updates, but I've been keeping up the hardcore grind, and it's difficult to want to write about poker after playing a 9 hour session! I've played 1800 SNGs already this month, with this mini-prop bet proving good motivation to play as much as is reasonable.

Even playing that many, I am not currently in the lead of the 3-man contest to see who can make the most profit in PokerStars SNGs of below a $30 stake. Moon&back has been racking up the $$$ consistently and is edging it. Longy had a disadvantage in that he was unable to access his PokerStars account for a good few days, but despite that has caught up impressively already.

Current standings
1. Moon&Back (Pd: 1144, Avg. ROI: 26%, Profit: $3365)
2. Myself (Played: 1797, Avg. ROI: 14%, Profit: $3115)
3. Longy11 (Played: 878, Avg. ROI: 22%, Profit: $1892)

I'm really pleased with how it's going, and even if I don't win I'm happy that I'm seemingly making nice and steady money right now.

I could have been put in a bit of difficulty if an injury I sustained on Monday night had happened to my right hand instead of my left. I play a friendly game of 5-a-side football every week. We all have a stint in goal which nobody particularly enjoys. I made what can only be described as an awesome save against a very fierce shot from close range which was heading for the top corner. However it bent my hand all the way back and I was bloody worried because I couldn't move it for several minutes. It seemed to get better though and I called off my trip to A&E. However it turns out I only postponed it as I woke up unable to move my left hand, and after 4 or 5 hours in A&E, I had my hand x-rayed and it turns out I have fractured my triquetral bone in my hand.

So that's a spot of bad luck, but it seems to be healing up okay. I have to wear a splint intermittently but no cast or anything It goes to show one of the pitfalls of being a professional poker player, because if I did sustain a debilitating injury to my right hand (ie. mouse controlling hand), I'd be pretty screwed for trying to make money on the internet. Especially considering the format in which I play, playing 20 tables at a time.

I seem to have run pretty bad non-poker wise at the moment, but I did scoop a WSOP Final table sweepstake in which I randomly drew Joe Cada, so it's not all bad! Here he is pictured with my winnings from the sweepstake:

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2 Comments to "SNG contest is hotting up..."

Daleroxxu said...

you would learn to use your left hand just as good if you really had too.

i fractured a large bone in my right hand during a fight in high school and learned to write with my left hand easily enough for the next month.

i think you will crush the sng contest just because these guys won't beat you on volume, so just try not to run awful and you'll be fine.

Amatay said...

good thread on Blonde James. gl with this m8