November 17, 2009

Wiiiiiii, my first Sharkscope star :)

I've been running like God the last few days (or at least, way above expectation) and it has helped push me onto the Sharkscope leader boards. Admittedly it's a little bit of a niché category (Total Profit Any Games 4-6 Table $5.01-$15), and admittedly I'm only in spot #20, so it's kind of like saying you were considered for an Oscar award in the "movies of duration between 92 and 94 minutes" and were 20th in line to receive it. Nevertheless, I'm pretty happy about it as it is the first one I've received.
Had Sharkscope tracked the Tribeca network in 2005/06, I'd have been a shoe in for one when for my Heads Up SNG results were v.good on there...and I was always close to being on the Boss Media network Total Profit list in 2007/08, but didn't play quite enough to ever get there. At least volume is something I've improved on this year! I've been using Sharkscope for several years, as a tool to check out other players on my table, but perhaps even more so to track my own results. It feels really good to have a nice and steady graph, it almost gives me more confidence in my game, and definitely makes me feel better about being a professional poker player.
With only 6 weeks left in the year I'm not sure how high up the leader board I'll be able to climb, but looking at my own stats I've only put 290 hours into getting there. This might seem like a lot, but I've already put in 90+ hours in the month of November alone, so had I been playing these 45-man tourneys all year, my star might even be that bit prettier.

Cue huge downswing following this brag post, almost certainly have bokked myself!

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1 Comment to "Wiiiiiii, my first Sharkscope star :)"

Daleroxxu said...

guaranteed bokkage lol