October 25, 2009

Having a tough time of it right now...

Apologies for the lack of update recently. With being in Vienna for a few days I was too busy enjoying myself to update, and since I got back I've been (to quote Colchester Kev on Blonde) grinding like a lap dancer on a guy with a fat wallet. I've hit a rather nasty downswing/break-even patch, and as some of you might understand, for some reason it's always more difficult to update when things are going badly.

I will be writing a trip report on Vienna for my PokerNews column, so will link to that when it goes live. I had a good time, and 'Wien' is a very cool place, but didn't end up playing as much poker as I was expecting. I ended up only playing the main event, in which I went deep and finished just short of the money, 33rd of 218 with the top 24 getting paid, busting on the very first hand of day two which is always nice(!).

I have really managed to get my volume up recently by waking up early in the morning, and just playing solidly throughout the day time. I'm not sure this is the fishiest time to play, but I'm really happy with the schedule, and think that the games I'm playing always have enough fish in them to make them profitable. I decided to move from the 18-mans, which although I was crushing a few weeks ago, I had become really stagnant in. I think I picked up some leaks, trying to exploit the bubble too much and stuff, and I thought it would be good to play some 45-mans which I have a really steady graph in. I forgot how good the synchronised breaks are for these tournaments, and I've just been playing 8 hours straight or so, which hasn't felt so tough with that 5 minute break every hour which makes all the difference.

Variance has gotten the better of me though, as I played some 180-mans as well, where a bad run can just crush your spirit. In 50 games I managed all of 1 final table. I also started off bad in the $27 45-mans, where only a few get running a day as opposed to the lower buy-in ones where I can play well over a hundred, I managed to not cash in my first 25.

I think keeping your game fresh is very important, as taking a break from the tables has re-focused me. I think you can go into auto-pilot mode all too easily when you play as many games as me, and you can pick up some bad habits. To use a lame analogy, if your auto-pilot mode has some 'programming errors', you are going to veer off course, so it is important to always keep 'replotting your course'. Therefore review sessions, with the help of SNG Wiz, are something I will make sure I find the time to do every day, as I had perhaps become lax on this before I went to Vienna.

I have found a schedule where I can put in 200 games a day without getting too stressed out.

I just can't seem to consistently win currently. I don't think it's related to my mad volume and I don't think there are too many flaws in my game. We'll have to see how things go because the "running bad" argument can surely only apply for x-amount of games, and that 'x' is getting rather damn large right now!

My Sharkscope graph helps to depict the rough time I'm having of it right now...

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3 Comments to "Having a tough time of it right now..."

Anonymous said...

Whats SNG Wiz? Is that a bloke or some fancy software! head up fella, poker hey! Always with the schwongz!

James said...

200 games a day! So thats around 4-5 weeks profit? Not too shabby!

Unknown said...

lol, it's software dude, although it could be a cool nickname potentially.

Yeah it's funny, I bet I never even played 200 SNGs a month a couple of years ago when the money was just there to be taken!