October 07, 2009

20 tables running and it won't connect, argh!

Will explain the title in a little bit...

I haven't been succeeding in putting in a great amount of volume as I had intended. I'm finding myself only playing one session a day when I do play. This is largely due to me sleeping in too late, perhaps due to the interrupted sleep I am getting due to the baby (4 weeks old now, and I shouldn't complain because he actually sleeps really well).

I need to stop going to bed quite so late, and getting up early so I can potentially do a morning session and an afternoon session. Either that or perhaps have a session of MTTs in the evening, say every other day or something. I find myself not wanting to play a hardcore 20-tables-at-a-time session in the evenings, so I need to implement at least one of these methods because I'm just not utilising the day sufficiently.

18-man SNGs played:
30th Sept: 60 (45-man)
1st Oct: 75
2nd Oct: 75
3rd Oct: -
4th Oct: 54*
5th Oct: 106
6th Oct: -
7th Oct: 100

*The asterix relates to the the title of the blog, as this session was cut short by PokerStars going 'down' mid session. My connection to PokerStars suddenly died and I wasn't able to log back in, which seemed to be a widespread problem that affected a lot of people on Sunday. It wasn't fun having it log me out whilst in the middle of 20 Sit and Gos, knowing I was being blinded off as I wasdeep in several of them. It's actually super stressful, as you feel like you are literally pissing money away. I thought I had protected myself against this kind ofthing, as I have a spare laptop and a mobile broadband dongle. Therefore if there is a power cut I should still be good to go (I think this is very advisable if you are an SNG or MTT pro), but unfortunately you can't really protect yourself against a server or software issue beyond your control.

I managed to get back on after 10-15 minutes on my laptop (I'm unsure as to why it would log-on there but not my desktop as they feed off the same router), and save a couple of them, but it definitely cost me a fair wodge of money. I'm still waiting to here back from support about being refunded for the buy-ins, so I will let you know how that goes, because I would certainly expect some form of compensation with this not being my fault. To be fair, PokerStars is usually spot on, so I'll forgive them this malfunction as long as I don't lose out because of it.

In my last post I was complaining that the shootout format dominates televised poker, well I stumbled upon this site recently, so now the plan is to download the WSOP 2009 footage and watch it on my iPhone (apologies for the blatant brag, I only got it a couple of weeks ago and haven't broadcast about it nearly enough!) before I go to bed etc. I find watching poker shows like this keeps up my enthusiasm for the game, and you definitely need some motivation when you have to face up to playing 25 SNGs per hour as I do.

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5 Comments to "20 tables running and it won't connect, argh!"

James said...

congrats on the new baby!

really like your blog layout btw. how the hell you do it? I can hardly do anything clever with mine.


James said...

PS - if you it's any help I will call you at 6am when I am draggin my carcas out of bed to go to frikkin work....

Anonymous said...

Hey james,

Nice blog. How much do you earn in rake from these sit and gos?

Unknown said...

Hey guys

Drop me an email laff and I'll tell you how I improved my blog layout (atkinjames@gmail.com)

The 18mans rake $1 or $2 a pop ($15+1, $25+2), but as it's on PokerStars it doesn't mean a whole lot.


Alex Martin said...

Massive Gratz on the baby mate!!!