September 25, 2009

Poker & Parenthood...

In my latest column for UK Pokernews I reflect on how becoming a poker player has, and will, affect my poker play.

Please check it out by clicking here

Am just starting to get back to the tables after my "Paternity Leave." Have had a stab at the current SNG race on Poker Heaven, but it's not really going as planned, and the software is tilting the crap out of me. I think I might retreat back to PokerStars asap!

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6 Comments to "Poker & Parenthood..."

Daleroxxu said...

how do you play on the BOSS/IPN software and not want to kill kittens?

they haven't improved the software in like 5 years imo. do they even have timebanks on sngs yet?

Unknown said...

Lol that's a good question man.

They have implemented full size tables recently but that's about it.

Stars ftw!!!

Anonymous said...

Still think Ipoker is the worse, every time that little french bloke in the beret raises I have to reshove. And how can they not have table resizing as standard, thats a disgrace.

Nice job in the EPO by the way Sir.

Nick said...

Good article about poker and fatherhood. I've got 2 kids myself, and I've found that as long as I set aside time for poker, and that it doesn't infringe with "family" time, it's not a problem.
So starting an MTT an hour before the kids get home from school is not wise (although you won't have to worry about that for a while).

Nice site btw - I've linked you up.

Note - you've said "I reflect on how becoming a poker player has, and will, affect my poker play" in your post. Guessing you might want to change that! said...

I too think that Ipoker is the worse, as @Kevin states about the little french bloke its true..
Anyways...that link up is cool..dude.

Unknown said...

Yeah iPoker is even worse than Boss for sure. When you consider it's the 3rd biggest poker site, that is shocking!

Thanks guys ;)