September 04, 2009

Crushing SNGs right now, and looking forward to playing the EPO...

I really don't want to 'bok' myself by posting this, but I'm just running sickly good at the moment. A nasty downswing seems inevitable. I'm running at a 20% ROI in 18man tournaments, mostly $15+1 buy-ins with some $27s and $6.50s mixed in, over almost 1200games. Not only that, but the first 200 games or so I think I was playing badly because I was integrating them with 45s, and struggling to keep track of the different strategies because of
playing so many tables. Now I'm playing exclusively 18 mans, which I will be doing at least until the fairy tail comes to an end!
18-man tournaments
Anyway, enough bragging. In other news I've recently taken on a couple of students and will be staking them in $6.50 games. Hopefully they can earn me some bucks while I sit around watching tele :) I'll be giving them some mentoring and hopefully they can replicate my recent good fortune in MTT SNGs. I've had bad experiences with staking in the past, but these guys pass my high requirements on the "don't-get-grimmed-o-meter". They've actually made me think about doing some coaching in the future. I think I need to prove myself a bit more results wise before I do that, but I think I would be really good at it. If anyone might be interested in this, whack me an e-mail or leave a comment, just so I know it's something that might be plausible.

Looking forward to playing the EPO in a couple of weeks time. There are a bunch of pros signed up, so there will be some toughness in the field, but I imagine the internet qualifiers will even that out. Just picking out the people I am familiar with there are a bunch of strong names:

Andreas Johansson, Andrew Teng, Annette Obrestad, Tony Cascarino, Chad Brown, David Tighe, Desmond Jonas, Doyle Brunson, Eric Liu, Gurpreet Nagi, James Akenhead, James Keys, James Mitchell, Joe Beevers, Karl Mahrenholz, Mo Muse,
Marc Goodwin, Michael Greco, Liv Boeree, Peter Charalambous, Phil Hellmuth, Richard Ellis, Rupinder Bedi, Sam Trickett, Sida Yuen, Stuart Fox, Toby Lewis, William Martin.

That would be an intimidating table draw if you had 8 of those guys sat with you! However with $1m guaranteed, it's sure to get more than the required 200 runners (to meet the guarantee), and fortunately I don't think they can all be of that calibre!

Still no sign of the baby, that makes my missus 4 days late, but that's not unusual with a first baby (she assures me she hasn't previously had a love-child). So my world isn't upside down yet!

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3 Comments to "Crushing SNGs right now, and looking forward to playing the EPO..."

poker rakeback said...

That is a sick run! I have gone as many as 500-600 sng's at a 20% roi clip, but as you continue to play more and more poker you realize how difficult that is to achieve. The poker training sites continue to make it more difficult to win at low and mid stakes sit n gos. Well done!

Richard said...

i'd be really interested in some coaching.....

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the sweat session mate, been applying some of the ider pushing ranges and I now feel comfortable shoving light. I think the villains hate me!