September 08, 2009


How profound the words in my last post "a nasty downswing seems inevitable" were. I guess it's partly my fault because I decided to take a shot at the higher buy-in 18mans over the weekend when they had some traffic, and general standard of play appeared to be worse. However I have run really gross at the $25+2 and $55+5 games, and this has contributed to a $1k downswing and has killed my ROI and winrate. There's nothing wrong with taking shots sometimes, but I think this one came a little early.
18man tournaments
Having analysed my stats I'm still crushing the $15+1 games for a 17% ROI over 1100 games. There is a lower ratio of rake (6.25%) in this game over the other buy-in levels (8%), I'm not sure that makes all that much difference, but I think they may get less regs in as well, as the $25s+ perhaps get the regs playing 9mans filtering some 18mans to their play.

I'm a little bit worried I've picked up some bad habits, perhaps becoming too shove happy, so I am hoping to do some sweat sessions with some SNG pros over the next few days to make sure my game is up to scratch. Speaking of sweat sessions, I did a session with Matthew Pitt, who's blog I regularly follow, to help him with his game and prepare him for a staking deal. I think that was very productive, and he writes about it in his blog here.

Still no sign of the baby, the missus is now 8 days overdue. Sadly it looks like I'm going to miss Blonde Bash this weekend, which I was really looking forward to having never been to one before. But either the baby is only just going to have been born or will be being born over the weekend, and I don't think my girlfriend will let me miss the birth to go and get pissed and have a good time in Leeds. At least everything should have settled down by the time of EPO next week.

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