August 14, 2009


I really feel like I'm struggling at the moment. I think I have ironed some leaks out of my game, but things just aren't going as well as they were. I guess I can attribute this to playing a lot more tables at a time, and maybe the ROI I'm sacrificing isn't made up for in the extra amount of games I'm able to play per day.

Then again, I am running really bad in the higher stakes games. I don't think they are that much tougher. Perhaps there are more regs, but there's no way I'm not a break even player in these games as the very worst case scenario...but my results have been pretty gross over a small sample.

Since July 1st, in 1933 games this is how I've run at different buy-ins...
  • $3.25, 61 games, -40.7% ROI
  • $6.50, 928 games, 24.8% ROI
  • $12, 602 games, 14.3% ROI
  • $16, 241 games, 16.2% ROI
  • $27, 73 games, -51.5% ROI
But my hourly rate is down to a lousy $10 an hour in that time-frame, which makes me feel like I'm wasting my time.

In my "$1000 roll, 1000 18mans" challenge this is how I'm doing so far:
Played: 286
ROI: 8.7%
In the Money: 25.5%
Profit: $351.80

I might start playing a mix of 45mans and 18mans together...the only problem with that is that the strategies required at different points in the game do vary between the two, and differentiating between the 2 types of tournament can be difficult when playing lots of tables (I've found 18 at a time a bit more managable and that's my current setup).

This grinding business is starting to, well, grind on me. Surely there's some easier money out there than this? Maybe I should return to playing heads-up STTs. But that would be like admitting defeat, and the last two months of perfecting my strategy and ability to mass multi-table won't count for much.

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2 Comments to "Struggling..."

Alex Martin said...

keep it together mate, gl

Unknown said...

Cheers mate,

Looks like you did whatever the opposite of bok me is

So thanks :)