August 10, 2009

So, umm, yeah. Scrap that!

Ok, so I spent approximately 3-4 hours last night and this morning setting up Full Tilt how I want it. Having bought a new computer recently (Quad Core seems to be the nuts btw), everything I had sorted on my old computer needed re-doing, plus some improvements I had in mind. I purchased the EPT II chipmod from that I use and like on PokerStars. I went through my own thread picking out the best modifications you can apply (see here, I do keep updating it). I spent $30 on Sharkscope HUD for a month as I found that really useful on my last run on there. I perfected my Hold em Manager HUD, even playing play tables and stuff to make sure everything worked properly. I set-up the gradually improving Poker Shortcuts software as best I could.

After all this, I started playing...and soon realised that Full Tilt now tilts the hell out of me. It's just so inferior to playing on PokerStars using TableNinja. It's so much more difficult to multi-table, and stacking the tables seems to lead only to disaster! I'm not ruling out as a possibility I will move over again at some point in the future, because I do think the average player is worse, the MTT SNGs there get a bit more traffic and are probably softer, and TableNinja are working on a FT version of their software. But for now, it looks like I'm back on Stars.

But all the things I said in my last post still apply. I feel like I need some freshness in my game. My new plan is to play 18-man turbo SNGs on PokerStars. I will do them in batches, starting 25 back-to-back (which on a trial run only takes about 10-15 minutes believe it or not), but not opening any more until they are all finished. This will utilise my newly found multi-tabling skills, but by the time I'm at the important stage of the tournament, I will in all likelihood be down to only a few tables, so I will be able to concentrate more and perhaps play more optimally.

If you've kept up with my blog in the past you'll know I like my little challenges, so I'm making this one a $1000 roll, 1000 games challenge and lets see how it goes. There's no reason I shouldn't be able to put in 6 batches a day, so this shouldn't take too much longer than a week. I'll start by playing $6.50 and $16 games, with a view to playing the $27 games if all goes well...

I swear I've got ADHD or some shit, I can't seem to settle into one game ever!

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3 Comments to "So, umm, yeah. Scrap that!"

Anonymous said...

This is a major leak of mine too, I really need to sort my shit out

Anonymous said...

What settings do you use for the sit and go opener.

to play the 18 man back to back how many seconds do you have between cycles?

Anonymous said...

Oh you think you can add me too your blog roll?