August 27, 2009

"I have a straight....."

I just saw this posted on Blonde and I had to post it up. Now I don't profess to be a mountain of knowledge on Omaha, but you'd think if you'd made it down to the last 3 of a WSOP bracelet event (a $5000 rebuy, no less) you'd have some idea how to read the board!...

Perhaps what's more astounding is that this guy went on to win the tournment for half a million dollars!!!???!!!

In other news...I've had lots of positive feedback on the new blog, good to know my hard work hasn't gone unnoticed! Have written my 4th column for UK PokerNews on table layouts, which will go live on Monday and I'll link up here then.

Have played a little this week, not as much as I would have liked, but I have got my Sharkscope graph looking pretty again :)

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1 Comment to ""I have a straight.....""

Unknown said...

lol, think we have all had them moments in PLO but usually online.