July 24, 2009

Slow but steady wins the race...

I seem to have had a bit of a hectic schedule recently, and haven't been able to play perhaps as much as I intended to. 12 tabling the $6.50 and $12 45-man tournaments on Stars has been going nice and steadily to date. This time I managed to brush aside a nasty downswing and show myself that when that happens, it really is just variance kicking in.

I have a new plan in mind for the coming months. I'm going to try and play 100 of these 45-mans a day in two 50 game sessions. That is a fair amount of grinding, probably 8 hours a day. That is an average work day for most people so doesn't seem so bad, though I still suggest staring at 12 tables for that amount of time requires a lot of concentration, and is perhaps a harder 8-hours work than average (ie. no breaks, and even a moments slack can lead to you timing out all over the place!). I'm sure my brother, who works his arse off as a management consultant for the NHS, would strongly disagree with that statement. Perhaps if we swapped jobs for a day I would stop suggesting 8 hours of hardcore poker is a grind, but he might give me a little less grief about being nothing but a slacker!

Anyway, my theory is that if I am able to play 2000-2500 of these a month, earning $2 per game I play (which seems to be achievable based on the 750 games I have played this month), a couple of months grinding will take the pressure off in terms of living expenses and bills, and will sturdy up my bankroll nicely, which is something it could really do with right now (especially with a baby on the way!)

A good thing about these games is they are available 24 hours a day, so I can play during the daytime, rather than having to wait until the evening for the games to get a decent amount of traffic, as is generally the case in other games I've played. Also, there aren't too many sharks lurking in each 45 man tournament, which is a refreshing change from the CardRunner infested waters which seem to have filtered into games almost everywhere today, whatever the stakes.

$6.50 and $12 45-man tournaments played by me in July:

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9 Comments to "Slow but steady wins the race..."

microstakes bankroll builder said...

hey james
are these turbos then, the $6.50's? presumably if they are you have experimnented with the non turbos. i thought the luck element was a lot higher in these turbos,just becoming a shove fest, or does it not matter at these stakes??

Unknown said...

Yeah man these are the $12 and $6.50 Turbos.

I haven't actually played the non-turbos. Turbos mean more games per hour which means more profit as long as your edge isn't reduced too much.

They do become shove-fests for sure, but the majority of players aren't shoving optimally so as long as you know what you should be shoving/reshoving and when, coupled with a skill edge in the early levels, they're def beatable.

badcallthat said...

some real good results here, sick variance in them specially the 45 manners so wp, i'll get there soon, am startin to pick it up slowly. But am not takin any coachin or training vids, maybe its time ey

Admin said...



Unknown said...

Yeah the variance does suck admittedly!

It's never a bad thing to try improving your game that's for sure!

Unknown said...

Oh and thanks about the baby btw, only a few more weeks to go now, scary stuff!!!

badcallthat said...

hey james!

You really helped me out there with Nik Spooner, top bloke and gave me an excellent deal.

Good luck on the birth of your child to mate, hope everything goes well for you!

Unknown said...

No probs mate, tyvm!

James said...

Hi James - WP - nice result.