July 21, 2009

My Poker Setup

I've spent the last couple of weeks perfecting my poker setup to allow me to play as comforatably, and as many tables as possible. Numerous Amazon packages later I think I've got it just about right!

I wrote about it for my second UK Pokernews column which you can find here.

I thought I'd post up the relevant links to these items just incase anyone happened to be interested...

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3 Comments to "My Poker Setup"

C said...

alright mate, could i get a link up on your blog please?
www.exsnowman.blogspot.com (A Year In The Life)

Anonymous said...

Any suggestions for a decent chair, and not one only a balla can afford?

This pile of cack I have cost the kingly sum of £8 from Argos and has less comfort and support as a razor blade filled turd!

Unknown said...

LOL, yeah I discovered not to buy a chair from Argos cos you can't test it out.

I just went to Staples and got an office chair from there. It was about £30 I think, nice and comfy.