July 31, 2009

More partying than poker!

There's a fair chance you might have seen this video as I think it did the rounds a few months back, but I showed it to my brother earlier and he pissed himself so much I thought I'd share it with you all just incase you missed it! (the language is rather strong, so play it quietly if you're at work or have kids close by!)

In other news I went down to Birmingham on Wednesday to catch up with some poker mates of mine I haven't seen in ages; Stu Rutter, Dan Carter, Matt Dale and Tom Rutter as well. Had an awesome night out, drunk wayyyyy too much as we played some drinking games with some playing cards (found a different use for them than poker for once!) and ended up in this club called Snobs where it was £1 a bottle/shot; which turned out to be pretty lethal!!!!!

I was recovering all of yesterday, and my new computer arrived this morning (I finally gave in, it's the last thing I'm gonna buy for my new set-up I promise!) so I haven't had much chance to play poker the last few days. Am going to try and go at it hard in August up until the baby is born so that I'll be able to take a few days off when it arrives.

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2 Comments to "More partying than poker!"

Phil Henderson said...

Snobs is the best! It's been around forever too. Gimme a shout on MSN when you're around

would-be said...

Aaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahaaaa that's too funny!