July 15, 2009

A couple of graphs...

I thought a couple of graphs might best portray how the last 2 or 3 weeks have gone for me. Basically I was doing incredibly well on Full Tilt, only to hit a 50 buy-in downswing...something I don't recall happening to me before.

I decided to retreat to PokerStars on the basis that I can play around 14 games an hour on there 12 tabling as opposed to the 5 an hour I was managing on Full Tilt 9 tabling. Perhaps that's just a cover story for retreating from a downswing, but it does make a huge difference. Shorter sessions are also a possibility on Stars with a max duration of 1 hour instead of 2 hours. I will miss those 5 minute synchronised breaks on FT though! I might look into playing a mixture of both sites at some point, I'll see how things go....

I was playing the $26 games on Full Tilt, but I've dropped down to the $6.50 and $12 45mans on Stars. I can't truthfully believe that I'm grinding such small stakes, but I'm surprised by how good my hourly rate is (even if I account for me running good by subtracting a fair amount off it, I'm still reasonably happy), and it looks like potentially steady money. Although that's what I thought on Full Tilt before my downswing scared me away. I'm happy continuing with these games on Stars for now, but like Amatay has suggested in his comments to me, my samples are far too small to draw too many conclusions from.

Perhaps there is easier money out there (???!!!) But still my MTT SNG quest continues...

Full Tilt, 26th June-6th July, $26 45 & 90 mans

PokerStars, 7th July-Present, $6.50/$12 45 mans

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