July 07, 2009

Change of direction?...

It's been a while since I posted, I've been concentrating on the 1000 MTT SNG challenge. I got off to a flyer, with a $1400 profit in the first 150 games or so. I then proceeded to go on the sickest downswing that I've encountered for a long time. I literally don't recall winning a hand over the next 125 games. Obviously I did, but it really didn't feel like it! As a result I'm down to only $250 of profit and have decided to end the staking proposal and 1000 game challenge prematurely. I realise it's just a downswing and I could play out of it, but the number of games I was managing an hour (about 6) wasn't really sufficient anyway. I was feeling the pressure of not donking off everyone else's cash, and I'd rather play with my own roll at the sec.

I'm giving the MTT SNGs one more bash. My plan now is to put some volume in on Stars in the lower stakes games and just see how it goes. Evidence would suggest I can play 13 games an hour by 12 tabling, so if I can make $2 a game, it might just be worth it.

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2 Comments to "Change of direction?..."

Anonymous said...

I used to play a lot of the $3 45 man turbos and the swings were mental to say the least. Over 500 games I had an ROI of over 20% yet had spells of 25-35 games with no cashes!

Amatay said...

I think having such a gd start probably turned out to be a bad thing. They are pretty sick these games James. The sick thing is you could load up another 5-6 games and win $1k then your back in business. I've done this myself many times after a lean spells. Hope Stars works out for ya. gl