July 31, 2009

More partying than poker!

There's a fair chance you might have seen this video as I think it did the rounds a few months back, but I showed it to my brother earlier and he pissed himself so much I thought I'd share it with you all just incase you missed it! (the language is rather strong, so play it quietly if you're at work or have kids close by!)

In other news I went down to Birmingham on Wednesday to catch up with some poker mates of mine I haven't seen in ages; Stu Rutter, Dan Carter, Matt Dale and Tom Rutter as well. Had an awesome night out, drunk wayyyyy too much as we played some drinking games with some playing cards (found a different use for them than poker for once!) and ended up in this club called Snobs where it was £1 a bottle/shot; which turned out to be pretty lethal!!!!!

I was recovering all of yesterday, and my new computer arrived this morning (I finally gave in, it's the last thing I'm gonna buy for my new set-up I promise!) so I haven't had much chance to play poker the last few days. Am going to try and go at it hard in August up until the baby is born so that I'll be able to take a few days off when it arrives.

July 24, 2009

Slow but steady wins the race...

I seem to have had a bit of a hectic schedule recently, and haven't been able to play perhaps as much as I intended to. 12 tabling the $6.50 and $12 45-man tournaments on Stars has been going nice and steadily to date. This time I managed to brush aside a nasty downswing and show myself that when that happens, it really is just variance kicking in.

I have a new plan in mind for the coming months. I'm going to try and play 100 of these 45-mans a day in two 50 game sessions. That is a fair amount of grinding, probably 8 hours a day. That is an average work day for most people so doesn't seem so bad, though I still suggest staring at 12 tables for that amount of time requires a lot of concentration, and is perhaps a harder 8-hours work than average (ie. no breaks, and even a moments slack can lead to you timing out all over the place!). I'm sure my brother, who works his arse off as a management consultant for the NHS, would strongly disagree with that statement. Perhaps if we swapped jobs for a day I would stop suggesting 8 hours of hardcore poker is a grind, but he might give me a little less grief about being nothing but a slacker!

Anyway, my theory is that if I am able to play 2000-2500 of these a month, earning $2 per game I play (which seems to be achievable based on the 750 games I have played this month), a couple of months grinding will take the pressure off in terms of living expenses and bills, and will sturdy up my bankroll nicely, which is something it could really do with right now (especially with a baby on the way!)

A good thing about these games is they are available 24 hours a day, so I can play during the daytime, rather than having to wait until the evening for the games to get a decent amount of traffic, as is generally the case in other games I've played. Also, there aren't too many sharks lurking in each 45 man tournament, which is a refreshing change from the CardRunner infested waters which seem to have filtered into games almost everywhere today, whatever the stakes.

$6.50 and $12 45-man tournaments played by me in July:

July 21, 2009

My Poker Setup

I've spent the last couple of weeks perfecting my poker setup to allow me to play as comforatably, and as many tables as possible. Numerous Amazon packages later I think I've got it just about right!

I wrote about it for my second UK Pokernews column which you can find here.

I thought I'd post up the relevant links to these items just incase anyone happened to be interested...

July 15, 2009

Modifying Full Tilt...

Obviously there's a reason they called it Full Tilt, as amongst the good aspects of the site, the software is kinda tiltworthy...even since the recent update (perhaps even especially since then). If you are interested in improving the layout fairly substantially, I've pieced together all the best freebie modifications that have been made so far and posted them here. Will do best to keep it updated as more become available...

Take a peek if you'd prefer your Full Tilt layout to look something like this:

Or this....

A couple of graphs...

I thought a couple of graphs might best portray how the last 2 or 3 weeks have gone for me. Basically I was doing incredibly well on Full Tilt, only to hit a 50 buy-in downswing...something I don't recall happening to me before.

I decided to retreat to PokerStars on the basis that I can play around 14 games an hour on there 12 tabling as opposed to the 5 an hour I was managing on Full Tilt 9 tabling. Perhaps that's just a cover story for retreating from a downswing, but it does make a huge difference. Shorter sessions are also a possibility on Stars with a max duration of 1 hour instead of 2 hours. I will miss those 5 minute synchronised breaks on FT though! I might look into playing a mixture of both sites at some point, I'll see how things go....

I was playing the $26 games on Full Tilt, but I've dropped down to the $6.50 and $12 45mans on Stars. I can't truthfully believe that I'm grinding such small stakes, but I'm surprised by how good my hourly rate is (even if I account for me running good by subtracting a fair amount off it, I'm still reasonably happy), and it looks like potentially steady money. Although that's what I thought on Full Tilt before my downswing scared me away. I'm happy continuing with these games on Stars for now, but like Amatay has suggested in his comments to me, my samples are far too small to draw too many conclusions from.

Perhaps there is easier money out there (???!!!) But still my MTT SNG quest continues...

Full Tilt, 26th June-6th July, $26 45 & 90 mans

PokerStars, 7th July-Present, $6.50/$12 45 mans

July 07, 2009

Change of direction?...

It's been a while since I posted, I've been concentrating on the 1000 MTT SNG challenge. I got off to a flyer, with a $1400 profit in the first 150 games or so. I then proceeded to go on the sickest downswing that I've encountered for a long time. I literally don't recall winning a hand over the next 125 games. Obviously I did, but it really didn't feel like it! As a result I'm down to only $250 of profit and have decided to end the staking proposal and 1000 game challenge prematurely. I realise it's just a downswing and I could play out of it, but the number of games I was managing an hour (about 6) wasn't really sufficient anyway. I was feeling the pressure of not donking off everyone else's cash, and I'd rather play with my own roll at the sec.

I'm giving the MTT SNGs one more bash. My plan now is to put some volume in on Stars in the lower stakes games and just see how it goes. Evidence would suggest I can play 13 games an hour by 12 tabling, so if I can make $2 a game, it might just be worth it.