June 17, 2009

Variance City (MTT SNG Day 2)

As those who commented on the first day of this 'experiment' have alluded to, these 45 man and 180 man games can be bloody swingy! It looked like I was going to lose all my profit from yesterday. There was a phase when I couldn't win a hand, and I kept getting shafted in important pots deep in tournaments, I think 3 times in huge pots late on I flopped the nut straight to be out drawn by a flopped set. However, right at the end of my second and final session of the day, I started actually winning hands; the tables seemed to be making up for my horrible day.

My roll diminished to -$1050 at one point mid-play in that session, but a couple of 45 man victories and other cashes left me with $1625 for the day. Somedays breaking even (or in this case winning $20) feels like a winning day.

I was hoping the playing of so many tables would help ride out the variance, and would diminish the effect of running bad. I figured that as soon as you lost a couple of coinflips on one table, you would be winning a couple elsewhere. However, you still have the prospect of running bad on all tables, which feels really brutal, as if the cards are conspiring against you! I'm sure there will be patches where I run like God and the opposite is true, but I can see that if I end up playing these beyond a trial period, I will need a strong mental frame of mind!

I'm still tweaking with how many tables I'm playing. I plugged in 2 monitors to my laptop yesterday to try it that way. I think I might be trying too many, so am planning to cut down a little today and see if I do any better. Perhaps playing 9 tables tiled small, with one game on my 2nd monitor filling the screen for final tables and such. I've been tiling my tables up until now, I might try cascading a little down the line.

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4 Comments to "Variance City (MTT SNG Day 2)"

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Phil Henderson said...

Maybe you should give the non-turbos a shot? You should be able to multi table those more successfully

Greekstein said...

Hi bud,

My comments re staking weren't directed at you, trust me.

Yourself, Neil, Tom, Amatay & Shrewdies etc I think can justify small premiums sometimes but I've lumped into anyone and everyone and I'm just trying to curb that.

Got rid of the fucking daily mirror yet?

Amatay said...

gl with these mate.