June 15, 2009

Sky Poker Tour, if only I flipped better

Sigh, I'm afraid an earlier exit than I was hoping for...

Early on in Day 2, at 1200/2400 (300), I flatted a fairly tight player's 6.5k raise with 99 in position. A guy shoved on the button for 28k. He'd been shoving a lot so it was a no-brainer that when original raiser folded and getting 2:1 on a call that I called. He had AK and spiked a K.

Winning this pot would have put me amongst the chip leaders, but as can happen in poker I was soon out when I shoved 66 and got looked up by AK. They spiked a four flush on the river and I was out.

A shame I don't flip better!

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