June 20, 2009

Running gooooooood (MTT SNG Day 5)

Switched solely to 45 mans yesterday, and boy did I run good. Definitely way above expectation, so I'm bracing myself for a big drought in the near future to level things out. My favourite suck-out of the day was checking AJ in the bb, seeing a rainbow AT7 flop, and check raise shoving into a guy who had limped with AA. It duly came 2 diamonds to give me a Jack high four flush. Sick!

I dabbled on Full Tilt, playing 13 games, and I think the slower structure allows for a bigger edge over the field, and may well be the way forward when I move up from the $10/11 games I've been playing for the time being to the $24/25 games. Amatay's reminder that my sample size is still so small made think I should prove myself a bit more at the lower buy-in, and get used to the different poker room's and also the additional software I am using, before I move up. It's a shame that I prefer the PokerStars software, which seems to be more smooth, but I guess it won't be too difficult adapting to Full Tilt.

Although I can't be sure how reliable my results are in respect to my overall expectation, having not played enough games, my hourly rate playing these $11/12 games so far is now about the same as what I have earnt playing other forms of poker this year. This is promising in terms of continuing this experiment, and also promising in that I might be able to earn a fair amount more than this when I move up. Of course I could just be running good, and I could find the $26/27 games much tougher. Either way, I'm happy playing these 45 mans for the time being,
and hopefully I will have a few more days like this one in the near future.

Graphs below are now for 45 man tournies only. Obviously I just ran super sick in the games I played on FT, I would suggest a 200%+ ROI isn't quite sustainable!

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