June 16, 2009

MTT SNG Experiment (Day 1)

A couple of people on Blonde have been talking about 45 to 180 man Sit and Gos, and how potentially profitable they are. I have been at something of a crossroad the last few weeks trying to find a game that I want to persue at the moment. I have decided that these tournaments could well suit me very well, so I am going to give them a shot over the next week or more.

I've whacked a $1200 roll on PokerStars and am starting with the $11+1 turbo tournaments.

My first day of play, I managed to rack up 72 tournaments in under 5 hours of play as I was up-to13 tabling when I could, though the rate at which games got going usually meant I was playing 10 or 11 tables. It's a shame Hold 'em Manager HUD lags up my computer too much when playing this many tables, as I would be interested to know how close to EV I was running to give me a better perspective of my results.

It looks like a promising start though, my Sharkscope results for the day are below...

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3 Comments to "MTT SNG Experiment (Day 1)"

Phil Henderson said...

Get ready for variance city!

Good luck

Fenix35 said...

Ye I've heard of people having some really sick sick swings in these. But from what I gather they are definately beatable, so good luck!

Anonymous said...

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