June 29, 2009

Life tilt, 1000 MTT SNGs, and modding Full Tilt software

Life tilt refers to a few days ago when I was in an MTT SNG session, playing 8 or so tables, had just made 2 final tables, and held the stone cold nuts on a table with huge stacks, a large pot and active betting as well...this was the point that Full Tilt decided to crash. I frantically tried to reboot the software so that I didn't miss the hand where I had the nuts....it crashed again. Shit. Then I kept trying to reboot it, and it kept crashing. My internet was working fine, so I didn't understand.

I ran downstairs to load up my old laptop, I ran back upstairs to try and find someone on MSN to log-on and play for me. A good ten minutes after Full Tilt crashed, and a good 7 trips running up and downstairs, and probably 15 attempts at reloading the software, I get hold of Amatay on MSN and he kindly offered to take the helm. He was the perfect person to take over and probably was more +EV than me playing...but those 10 minutes of getting blinded out, and undoubtedly losing that huge pot where I had the nuts, cost me big time, he scored a few shallow cashes after running gross on coinflips and I ended up losing $150 for the session where I had been in the position to make a decent amount of money. So sick.

As if you don't already have to contend with running bad, steaming, tilting all conspiring to make you lose, you get landed with something like this that you have no control over and costs you money. I sent an e-mail to Full Tilt explaining what had happened and how their shitty software had cost me $£$£$, and they told me to reinstall the software. Any mention of an apology, maybe some kind of refund? I guess that's too much to ask. But this whole thing made me really worried about playing on their site again, just as I'd seemingly found the game I want to play that can perhaps make me some decent cash. But I guess this was the first time something like this had happened and was (hopefully) unlikely to happen again.

Needless to say, I took the rest of the day off. I felt this whole MTT SNG experiment had gone wayward, even though I had had some really promising results throughout. I thought I needed some direction and motivation, and the staking proposal I did for Heads Up SNGs throughout March seemed to have a positive effect on my game, so I layed out something similar for MTT SNGs.

A $2750 starting roll, and will be playing the $24+2 45 man and 90 man tournaments on Full Tilt until I have completed 1000 games. If you are interested in tracking my progress you can do so here.

So far so good; 3 days in I have played 74 games and made a $767 profit at a 45% ROI. So running above expectation, as I think 20% ROI is the achievable aim in these things, but not complaining about that!

One last thing; I made the decision to search out some Full Tilt modifications after I called a raise with 8T off, certain that I had TT. I was interested with the QJ9 flop holding what I thought was tens, til I did a double take and realised I'd flopped the effective nuts! (Don't worry, I didn't get paid off, that would be too fairytail sick). Anyway, after a couple of hours of routing around on the 2+2 forums, and a couple of Paypal payments later I have got Full Tilt to go from this....

to this....

....which is just such a vast improvement when you're playing lots of tables!

So just 926 MTT SNGs to go for this latest challenge, lets just hope the Full Tilt software, mods and all, doesn't bloody crash again!!!!

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4 Comments to "Life tilt, 1000 MTT SNGs, and modding Full Tilt software"

Small Stakes Poker said...

linked you up
gl gl

James said...

Thanks for the comment and adding me to your blog list. Added a link.


Anonymous said...

I like FT but the software has often screwed me over, my most painfull lesson was sitting at a $500 HUP PLO game whilst on full blown monkey tilt and crippling my oppo early there software threw a mental and I conuldnt get back in. Everything else was working ok but there software yet they said it was a local problem. Oh well I guess they have to find someway of restocking Gus Hansen's account after Durrrr has emptied it. Gl with the challenge.

voiceofjoe said...

Have you got the link for the Full Tilt Mod, please ??