June 14, 2009

Have made Day 2 of Sky Poker Tour Grand Final...

Have managed to make day 2 in the biggest donkfest that I can recall. Will be going back with 66,000 chips (average approx 50k).

Dominated my first table I felt, one guy would just call whenever I raised whatever his cards, and I had a huge tell on him so that was nice. As soon as I moved tables though I ran a bluff against the wrong player. Ironically I was bluffing with the best hand until she binked the river with AJ on QT55A and decided that despite my calling her on the flop, raising her on the turn (when a 3rd spade hit) and shoving the river that she was still good.

Fortunately my table image of being v.active got someone to 3 bet shove on me with 99 on an AAT flop when I held A2s in the big blind, that helped me get back on track along the way.

Was quite lucky to win a big pot at the end of the day when a guy I've made friends with, who chopped the £300 last week and is one of the good players in this tournament, lost a 60:40 against me.

59 players return, hopefully I can take advantage of the weak field and go deeeeep!

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2 Comments to "Have made Day 2 of Sky Poker Tour Grand Final..."

Fenix35 said...

Nice going!

Good luck shipping it!

Unknown said...

Think you bokked me :-P