June 11, 2009

DTD £300 Deepstack

Am getting a bit behind myself with my blog so thought I'd better at least mention this before I play my next tournament (which will be the Sky Poker Tour Grand Final at DTD on Saturday).

I was bought into the June DTD Deepstack by Black Belt Poker, which was my sole reward as a green belt. At least I got something! I ended up getting the shallowest cash for £450, finishing 29th out of 325 runners. I was bust by Adam Vinson, another grader ironically, who called my button shove at the 3000/6000 level with 44 in the small blind. I actually had shoved blind and was fairly happy to discover I had two overs (K5 offsuit), but missed. I can't really complain as I think this was only the 2nd coin flip I had lost out of 6.

The previous day I got a bit of a shock when I was given an orbit sitout penalty for absently flashing my cards as I passed, thinking the pot was dead when actually the bet I was folding to had been called. I felt this was really harsh, as no-one complained, the tournament director just happened to be loitering closeby, and I've seen this done numerous times with no punishment. I couldn't really afford to miss a round at 300/600 with a 10k stack either. Ah well, I guess I will be more observant in future!

It was nice to go deep in tournaments back to back, I'm impressing myself with my tournament play right now. I was only unhappy with 2 hands I played in the tournament, where I payed off 2 guys. Something I need to learn is how to re-evaluate hands as they progress. For example I made a call holding a decent hand against a bet that looked like a stab at the pot by the button in a multi-way pot on the turn; which I think was fine/standard. However I should have been able to lay it down when he value-bet the river.

Hopefully I can make it three cashes in a row this coming weekend, but lets hope I can ladder up a little higher in the payouts this time!

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