June 04, 2009

2 Radio Interviews...

I managed to get a fairly decent result in the recent £1000+90 DTD tournament, which had the The WSOP Main Event structure, finishing 8th for £6,250. Along the way I was down to 8 big blinds, and was given a brand new nickname which looks like it's going to stick. More details to follow, along with a full tournament report.

In the midst of the tourney I did a couple of interviews, links are below:

Day 3 Interview:

Day 4 Interview:

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3 Comments to "2 Radio Interviews..."

Steve H. said...

Hi mate..
I would love to with the form that your in but I've already traded 30%of myself out and never trade more than 30%... Happy to trade 5% in July's £300 should I play it.

Are you going to dump the belt or try and work your way up?

Unknown said...

That's cool man no worries, will let you know if I play in July...

I doubt I'll try and work my way up. I might see where BBP goes in the future, when they set rake amounts and things, but I'll be playing on a site/skin where I have rakeback for the forseeable future!

skolsuper said...

You selling in the £300 James? Let me know the price if you are.

GLGLGLGL either way :)