May 15, 2009

Black Belt Poker Grading: 180 degrees

Things were going so nice and steady, I guess I couldn't allow myself to expect that to continue

If you aren't sick of hearing about my downswings then click here

The website had difficulties putting the image up I mentioned, so I'll whack it on here. Basically this is how I've run in the 480 SNGs I've played in the duration of the grading. The green line is where I am, and the red line is where I would be at had my luck been average....nice!

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3 Comments to "Black Belt Poker Grading: 180 degrees"

Unknown said...

Linked you up mate.

Im so tired after this week. Its been a tough, if interesting week. But obviously the end target mean everything is worth the effort imo.

See you thursday!

Fenix35 said...


Unlucky about the running so far in the blackbelt challenge. Good luck with the rest of it.

If you want you can link my blog up too. By the way, I sat next to you at one of the £330 deepstack at DTD this year sometime before you busted!


Anonymous said...

If you got blue belt would you accept it?