May 03, 2009

Black Belt Grading, Days 4/5

Finally an end to the sick run I was having, and at least some sign that I can work my way towards a profit!

My blog post on days four and five is available by clicking here

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5 Comments to "Black Belt Grading, Days 4/5"

Amatay said...
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Amatay said...

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the grading. Are you really finding it hard to adjust at these lower limits? Are you allowed to play HUP? I don't imagine that changes as much to full and 6 max as you move up and down levels.

Unknown said...

It's just there's so many shortstacks and nits it's really hard to win. I've run bad on-top of that, and I guess things have changed since I last had a stint playing 6 max

We can play Heads Up but I've found the software tilts me for that so far

Thanks for wishing me good luck!

Kevin said...

Yeah those lickle tables are so silly. hope you uptick soon!