April 08, 2009

Finally, a few days off!

After a very grindy week, I did manage to take 2nd spot for €500 in that Sit&Go Leaderboard, it was nice to add that chunk to my bankroll in one go. Final standings below... (It was 2 points for a Sit & Go or Double or Nothing win, 3.5 points/1.5 points for a 1st/2nd in a 5-man SNG)

1€1000 Andreas M823.5
2€500 James A654.5
3€200 Teemu H592.5

Unbeliveably the top two this week are already on 600/450 points respectively less than half way through, so I'm pleased I didn't give it a second crack this week (I could only ever do these things as a one off, they are quite painful really!).

I had the last 3 days off, which represents the first time in 2009 where I have had more than one day off in a row. Not that I've done anything majorly exciting, other than clear the house up a bit for once, and do a bunch of DIY with flat pack furniture from IKEA with my dad.

Having got my first "VIP bonus" from the iPoker site I have been talking about that I can hook you up with the same deal on. Very impressed with how they sort it all out. I will be looking to play on iPoker a fair amount this month as practice for the Black Belt Poker grading which starts at the end of April. Increaing my play on iPoker isn't something I'm thrilled about as I despise the software, but that VIP bonus should help soften the blow!

On another note, the Boss Media software recently got updated and I have to say it's very +ev for me (resizeable tables and table filters have been added), but sadly the update has interfered with Sharkscope.com's logging of data. I use Sharkscope a lot to scout my Heads Up SNG opponents, so am hoping this gets fixed soon!

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