April 04, 2009

End of Blonde Staking period and a week of SNGs

Finished up the Blonde Staking thing I was doing as it was for the duration of March. This was where I put up half the bankroll, some other backers matched this and I gave away 25% of my profits). I ran the €1200 bankroll up to €4100, which with €350 rakeback meant a profit of +€3250. Not too shabby. 

This week I have been slogging hard on 5-man turbo STTs with some Heads Ups and 'Double or Nothings' sprinkled on top for a leaderboard challenge. Was looking good for top spot most of the week until some mentalist who can keep track of twice as many tables as me came bursting through. Am currently in second spot, will have to see where I end up tommorow.

Current table:
1€1000 Andreas M715.5
2€500 James A579.0
3€200 Teemu H543.5

With 2pts for each Heads Up/Double or Nothing win, 3.5 points for a 5-man STT win and 1.5 points for a 5-man 2nd place you can see I've put a fair amount of volume in. TBH it probably hasn't been worth it to only come second (it has been a grind!), but I've made a decent profit for the week so I'm not complaining too much...

A few people have contacted me about my last post and I have helped set up GreekStein, Yorkshire Pud and Paul Houk with VIP deals that they are very pleased with. Again just hook up up with an email (atkinjames@gmail.com) if you're interested in the details. 50% VIP deal on iPoker and 55% on Microgaming amongst many others are available!

I'm still intending to do the BlackBeltPoker grading come the end of the month, so will be looking to play some 6-max cash and do some reading up and making use of my CardRunners subscription this month.

Will keep you posted on how the SNG leaderboard goes...

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