April 14, 2009

Easter break & Multi-Tabling experiments

I have actually played very little poker over the last week. Defintely the most time I've had off so far this year. Largely due to family commitments over the Easter period. I was probably also burnt out a little from the week-long SNG thing. A lot of the time I have spent on the internet has been researching multi-tabling software for iPoker so I can take full advantage of the 50% deal that I've been going on about that I have there, and in preperation for the Black Belt Poker grading.

The software definitely makes iPoker more bearable, and I can play 6 tables fairly comfortably it seems. Have played a couple of thousand hands of $0.25/0.50 NL 6-max to try it out. It's been a long time since I played NL cash so I'm still getting into the groove.  Was sad to find out I didn't crush the games and was only break-even over those, but my "All-in expectation" is a couple of hundred dollars down, so I was probably just running bad and it is obviously a mega-small sample.

Hopefully Sharkscope will start tracking Boss Media again soon, and hopefully more fish will drop in on the LHE games there which I always have my eye on. Have had my 1st session this afternoon on that for a long time and it's gone v.nicely (so far anyway!)...

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