March 18, 2009

Heads Up status

I really can't explain it, I'm having a really great run at Heads Up STTs, and my consistency this year is a thing of beauty; but I just can't bring myself to play a Heads Up match at the minute. You'd think I'd enjoy what has arguably been easy money in recent times. Perhaps if I had a break from poker in general I'd come back refreshed, and get back into a game that is obviously profitable for me.

Hopefully I'll find some motivation from somewhere, but for now, here's an update on my Heads-Up stats for 2009...

2009 HEADS UP stats:
Played: 1493
Won: 828
Lost: 665
Win percentage: 55.5%
Total ROI: 9.25%
Avg. Profit per game: €2.95
Hourly Expectation: €27.82
Heads Up-Profit: €3750

Rakeback: €600

Blonde Stake-Watch:
March 3rd Bankroll: €1544.25
March 4th Bankroll: €1914.00
March 5th Bankroll: €1934.50
March 8th Bankroll: €1889.00
March 10th Bankroll: €2103.00
March 11th Bankroll: €2054.00
March 12th Bankroll: €2062.00
(More details: click here)

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