March 10, 2009

DTD £300 Deepstack, March 7th

I played the £300 tournament at DTD at the weekend. A great atmosphere at this one, and seemingly good value as in the first hand I watched a guy 4-bet all in on the river with the board reading JQxTx holding KJ?!! The other guy, as was obvious to the rest of the table, had AK.

My first table was interesting, with the uber-agressive Pete Linton sat on my direct right (at least I had position on him). Left the table with 16k (from 10k starting stack), largely thanks to flopping top set with TT in a pot. My text table though I felt very comfortable on. I was winning a lot of pots uncontested and felt a little like the table captain. Of course in that situation, you occasionally get people going after you with marginal holdings.

Now with about 20k, I raise up AQ in the cut-off, to see a flop with the big blind of QJ4 (rainbow). He checks, I bet, he calls. Turn is a harmless looking 5. He checks, I bet, he raises. I had been engaging the chap in chat throughout this hand, and my read had been up to this point that he was definitely weak. Having seen him overshove a hand earlier, I could not put this guy on a set or QJ, and had to factor in that he might have air, as my chatter may have indicated weakness too. I make the call. He then bets v.small on the river so I obviously call. He has the 45. Ugh. Still, nothing I could do here and I'm back down to starting stack.

Shortly after, I opened in mid position at 200/400 (25) to 1100. Called by Mr. 45 in the cut-off, and the short stacked small blind shoved. I made a complete maths based decision here. My read was that I had a coin-flip, and if I shoved Mr. 45 would fold. It was about 4.5k to me into a 8.5kish pot. I shoved and indeed Mr. 45 passed (showing AJ). The big blind had A8 suited so was feeling good about the decision until the Ace flopped.

With the 3.6k I had left, I picked up A7 UTG and made the obligatory shove and ran into Jacks.


Still, I enjoyed the tournament, and there was some quality table talk, so I can't complain about that aspect of the evening. I just wish I ran better in these things!

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