March 02, 2009

Back to Heads Up...

I have been employing a new method since I started playing heads up STTs again. I am not sitting in empty games myself, and am sharkscoping all my opponents. I am playing only those opponents that satisfy at least one of these conditions: A poor ROI, are playing above their average stake by a reasonable amount, are classified as being on "Super Tilt" or have played very few games. I am avoiding winning players, and those that are break even or very slight losers over a long timeframe.

This has obviously hurt the volume of games I have been able to play, definitely by at least half. But my results since I have started this have been very good, so I shall continue to experiment with this, and see if there are enough fish to go through using this method, as opposed to always trying to play 2 games while I'm playing heads up.

My sharkscope (Heads up games only, since 5th Jan 2009), is looking pretty sweet. I wish I hadn't burnt out and wasted all that time with Limit Hold 'em last month. Perhaps playing this "less volume/more fish" method will prevent me from burning out so quickly?!

2009 HEADS UP stats:
Played: 1314
Won: 720
Lost: 594
Win percentage: 54.8%
Total ROI: 7.61%
Avg. Profit per game: €2.31
Hourly Expectation: €22.74
Heads Up-Profit: €2450

Rakeback: €460

Blonde Stake-Watch:
Starting Bankroll: €1200
March 1st Bankroll: €1256.75
March 2nd Bankroll: €1439.25
(More details: click here)

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