March 26, 2009

€10 Rebuy win and general update...

Am getting a bit behind with my updates, need to get the ball rolling once more!

Have been playing a fair few MTTs the last couple of weeks, and was very pleased to take down a €10 rebuy with 228 runners for over €1900. Went into the final table 7/10 in chips, so wasn't really expecting a huge score, but things just went my way I guess. I really took home my advantage 4 handed as the others seemed to have one eye on the payout chart. Playing MTTs full time is the one form of poker I haven't really tried my hand at yet, so this experimentation with MTTs has been interesting. I might have a proper crack at being an "MTT pro", at least for a short while, in the next 2 or 3 months.

Below is a screenshot of the win just incase you didnt believe me ;)

Have been playing a little more limit hold 'em with my own bankroll over the last couple of weeks, although only about 7-8,000 hands as I game select very earnestly. Still, its been going well for me, especially considering I was all for quitting LHE after a downswing about a month ago. It's not something I could play solely without mixing in other forms of poker, but it's nice to know I have a reasonable hourly rate playing it (with a decent sample size to draw that conclusion from).

I will try and play some more Heads-Ups before the month ends, and I pay out on my Blonde Staking deal. I will soon have one eye on the grading which I will be partaking in from the end of April. It's been a while since I played some of the format's they are wishing players to play, so I will probably train myself up a little before it all begins!

Blonde Stake-Watch:
March 12th Bankroll: €2062.00
March 13th Bankroll: €3923.00
March 14th Bankroll: €4329.50
March 15th Bankroll: €4258.70
March 18th Bankroll: €4277.97
March 22nd Bankroll: €4219.37
(More details: click here)

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4 Comments to "€10 Rebuy win and general update..."

Amatay said...

Nice result mate

Amatay said...

Is this where u play alot of your games btw James. I've played a few mtt's on there myself and found the standard shocking!

Anonymous said...

What's the traffic like on Boss during the early morning (0600-1000) or aren't you aware of it?

I get to play at that time then again in the evening and I'm always open to new sites/skins I've not played at!

Unknown said...

Hey guys,

Yeah standard on Boss is generally pretty shocking.

I'd say the traffic is pretty dire at that time Pud, ~2000 players. 11k usually on in the evening time though. I can get you a good VIP deal if you like Pud, send an e-mail my way and I'll send you the details (