February 18, 2009

LHE Challenge: Days 8-10

Total Profit: +€1100 ... BB/100: 1.30
Well done to me. I did have a post written here that I edited out when creating my next subsequent post, (reuse the template each time, and accidentally edited this post rather than creating a new one!). I seem to remember commenting on hitting a very nice upswing right at the end of my most recent session. Something to do with a lot of donkey players around at the weekend. I definitely mentioned a hand where a guy 20 or 30 bet me preflop with AJs when I had AA, and we got it all in for a €160 pot. Well done that man.

Fortunately I can recover the stats on Poker Tracker:

Hands Played: 12,529

Hours Played: 53
Profit: €650
Rakeback: €450
Hourly Expectation (inc. RB): €20.12
Avg Number of Tables Open: 2.8

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2 Comments to "LHE Challenge: Days 8-10"

Admin said...

There are plenty of people willing to get in all in with AJ in NL games without all the clicking effort :)

Unknown said...

Lol, you're probably right!!