February 14, 2009

LHE Challenge: Days 6-7

Total Profit: +€650 ... BB/100: 1.13
Progress seems to be a bit more steady now. It's definitely nothing more than that! At times it really is a grind for what seems like little reward in terms of actual profit, but TFFRB (thank **** for rake back!).

It's been interesting trying to combat a couple of maniacs recently, who play like a 75% VPIP, 45% PFR. They force you to play big pots, sometimes with marginal holdings, and they get paid off with the goods. But when they decide to 5 bet you preflop with 67 off and you have Aces you don't mind so much. I really wish I still had my hand histories from when I used to play high stakes limit on Tribeca. I wonder if I played a slightly maniac style. It def worked then, but I think the 30/20 style I am employing works at these lower limits.
Hands Played: 10,094
Hours Played: 42

Profit: €280
Rakeback: €370

Hourly Expectation (inc. RB): €15.50
Least Profitable Hand (by average big bets per hand): J7s

On a side note, bust 6/13 in the Blonde League Competition on Celeb Poker. Outlasted by someone who sat out the whole game, that kinda sucks! Cooler for my bust hand: Ac4d in the big blind, massive chip leader limps from small, I check. 2c 3c 7d flop. He bets half the pot, I call. Turn is the 5c. A wheel with the nut flush draw! He bets big, I think about moving in, but incase he's bluffing or has perhaps the Kc I flat. He shoves the Jd river. I snap. He has K4cc. GG!

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