February 24, 2009

LHE Challenge: Days 11-15

Total Profit: +€1100 ... BB/100: 0.85
Due to playing a couple of live tournaments and my birthday and such things, I've played a rather meagre amount of poker online over the last few days. In 5 days of play I've only managed 2,200 hands. Took a little hit to my actual profit, but covered it with rakeback, so I'm not much better off than I was this time last week! Really need to try and play more. I wish there was a little bit more traffic on Boss. I try my best to table select and sometimes that means I'm only playing 1 or 2 tables if a lot of regulars are around. When I get my rakeback paid at the end of the month, I might try having a roll somewhere else for when the traffic is bad.

"Big Bets Won for Hands Played" graph now looks like this: Hands Played: 14,768

Hours Played: 65
Profit: €500
Rakeback: €600
Hourly Expectation (inc. RB): €17.26
Avg Number of Tables Open: 2.6

Just as a side note, I'm intending to play next months DTD £300 as my next live tournament...

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3 Comments to "LHE Challenge: Days 11-15"

Rakeback Safe said...


Great blog you have ;)

An good luck in the DTD ;)

I see that you link to many pokerblogs, and some of have not been updated in a very long time.

So i wondered if you would mind linking to The Pokerstar Blog ?

Unknown said...

Cheers man,

Will do a swap with you if you like...

Rakeback Safe said...


I would like that, but i dont have any space on my side bar, i can give you a link from here: http://pokerstarblog.blogspot.com/2008/10/link-exchange.html