February 09, 2009

LHE Challenge: Days 1-3

Total Profit: +€90 ... BB/100: 1.27
Quite simply a shaky start to the challenge, a result of my lack of discipline. It's almost hypocritical how I can write an article about taking the gambling out of poker a few days ago, and yet not follow my own advice straight after! Have been playing higher than my bankroll allows, seeking the soft games.

I forgot how swingy limit can be. 50-100 big bet swings look standard. I'm generally playing 4 tables at a time, which I think is my max capability. Generally I think I've been playing well, although there are times when I need to stop paying people off which must be eating into my winrate. Still, I'm not too far away from the 2 bb/100 gold standard of limit hold 'em, and my general stats hit the range that 2+2 suggests.

My graph will have to be in big bet form, as on Boss Media, you play in 2 or 3 different currencies (with major discrepencies, one is worth less than half a euro), but PT considers them all as $; so the cash figures are always going to be inaccurate.

Hands Played: 3936
Hours Played: 16

Profit: -€60
Rakeback: €150

Hourly Expectation (inc. RB): €5.55
Most Profitable Hand (by big bets per hand): KJs

Obviously things need to improve for this to be worth it, but I think they will if only I stay disciplined!...

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