February 23, 2009

GUKPT Walsall £150 Side Event

Just a quick update for this one. Enjoyed my table, was sat with a few familiar faces and got chatting to the guy on my direct right. Was also good to see Stu Rutter who I hadn't caught up with for a while...

I made a lot of chips early on with things going my way. Just about trebled my starting stack of 6000 in the first couple of levels. Having sweated an all in on 89J with JT, only to find out I was up against another JT (the sick backdoor flush was teased, but I faded the river!). Had 44 vs Q7 all-in on 347, then a hand where I'd check raised a AT7 flop with T7 to get one caller. I moved him in for slightly less than the pot on the K turn and he snapped with AK. I re-sucked out with a 7 river. Re-suck outs like that seem v.rare so that was a nice suprise!

But from then I just couldn't win a pot. Got a short stack in with QQ against my AA. I flopped the nut flush, but he spiked the Q on the river. I raised with KQ, 88 and KK, but couldn't duck bad flops. I also paid off Lucy Rokach twice with the 2nd best hand, 2 pair on KQ69A vs her nut straight and A7 on 97595 vs her A9.

So down to 11k when I got cooooooolered. I flopped 578 from the small blind with 69 in a multi-way limped pot. I made a little balls up in my check raise after UTG bet out because as I bet two of my 1000 chips got stuck together and I raised to 2300 when i meant to raise to 1300! I felt I was inadvertently giving off strength when I pointed this out, I perhaps should have stayed quiet! Anyway he moved all in and I snap called. He had top set, and BANG, quadded up on the turn.

Down to 2.3k I lasted 3 rounds with very few shoving opportunities arising. Until I picked up KK only for every one to fold. With blinds just hitting 200/400 (25) I picked up 66 and shoved to a raiser, who had AQ and the board came an interesting TTKTQ, which sent me packing....

A good tournament structure of only a £150 event, and enjoyed it, but it always sucks when you go out of a tournament because of a hand where you get your money all-in with the stone cold nuts...

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