February 21, 2009

Broadway Festival £300 Double Chance Freezeout

After a full two months of no live poker, it felt good to be playing without the glare of a screen and surrounded by actual real people who talk and everything! Met a few cool people I hadn't played with before, sat locally to me which always makes the game more enjoyable.

Got off to a terrible start. The guy that appeared to be the loosest early on fired flop, turn and river on an 83342 board. I held 77s and felt confident with my call down, but he had hit the turn with 44. I then made trips with 66 on a 762 board. 3 people insta checked like they had nothing, so I decided to check in position to let them catch up. A 3 on the turn looked harmless, they all checked, I bet and got 1 caller. 5 on the river, which brought a possible backdoor flush. He checked to me. I thought about what to do, as this had brought 4 to a straight as well, but felt it was worth a value bet, which he duly called with A4o. Well played sir?!!

I then played limpey dimpey with AA UTG, only to get the ugly 5 handed scenario even though every other limp had been punished by someone throughout the night. Other than the 567 board with a flush draw I didn't possess as I was expecting, it came K83, and my bet only got 1 caller. All looked promising til the King turn. I check called 2 very small value bets, I def should have passed the river but the size of the bets worked well for my opponent. Down to 3k from an 8k starting stack (4k + 4k I took after the sevens hand), but blinds only at 50/100.

From this point on I proceeded to have a v.good tournament, some hands went my way to give me some chips, and I was playing well generally. Doubled up with AA vs 88 on T63 board. Somehow managed to get my opponent to ship his money in with AT vs my AQ for a 11k pot.

After peaking at a 17k stack, I hovered between 12-15k after going a bit far with J9s on a 9xx board, turning a flush draw. This was the case until level 300/600 kicked in. Picking up TT in the big blind I was facing a short-stack shove for 3.5k and a flat call from the big blind who had about 17k back. I shipped it all in to make sure I had the best pot equity. The short-stack dragged the pot though with his KQ off which improved. Down to 9.5k.

Shipped the lot in after a guy new to the table, seemingly steaming made his 4th raise in 6 or 7 hands. I felt my KJs was well ahead of his range, but this time he had AJs and even though I flopped a royal flush draw, he took the pot. This left me with 2k. I felt good about putting it in with AQ, but the prior raiser had 44 and I couldn't improve.

I didn't feel too bad about my exit, as I had played well for the most part. A bit of a boost to the confidence for my all-around poker game, which seems to be in tact despite concentrating on short handed LHE and heads-ups this year...

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