February 02, 2009

€250 Challenge - January Summary

January Profit: +€1950
Well it's been a big grind. A major hiccup midway through the amount of games I played throughout January definitely put a spanner in the works, and perhaps I could have come out with an impressive profit if it wasn't for that dip.

Nonetheless, after starting with only €250 bankroll, nearly €2k's worth of profit isn't a bad start to this challenge. It's been successful as far as I'm concerned, and has served the purpose it was meant to: to get me back on track winning at poker, and finding something I can be guaranteed to make a steady profit at. I'm now working with a €850 live bankroll, and am happy to keep playing similar games as I have throughout January for the time being.

I have to say I was surprised that my monthly winrate was 54%. However, I've looked into it, and I notice that the most profitable heads-up player on Boss (who has made almost €200k in Heads Ups), the most profitable player on Boss last month (up €60k) and the most profitable player on Boss in the "$16-35" category; all have a winrate of only 55%. So perhaps this month was reasonably representative of what I can expect. Although hopefully I can add at least 1 percent to my winrate next month!

Played: 1220
Won: 659

Lost: 562
Win percentage: 54.0%
Total ROI: 5%
Profit: €1400

Rakeback: €400
Leaderboard Prizes: €155
Avg. Profit per game: €1.64
Hourly Expectation: €16.76

(incorporates rakeback & leaderboard prizes)

Day-One Starting Roll: €250
Yesterday's Starting Roll: €750
Tomorrow's Starting Roll: €850

I just would prefer to win steadily rather than have reasonably downswing followed by reasonably big upswing as was the pattern to the last 2 weeks! But obviously poker is random and undpredictable so maybe that's a bit too much to ask!

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