February 04, 2009

€250 Challenge - Days 26-28

Profit: +€2400
It has been a great start to the month of February, and I have been running really well. However I have discovered that I am burnt out playing heads ups. Perhaps it doesn't make sense to stop playing them when I've hit a nice upswing, but I have struggled to find myself registering for them over the last couple of days, and have decided I need to take a break from them. I'm not sure how long for, but I feel I need to do it to stay sane.

I had a little experiment playing normal STTs and Double or Nothing STTs yesterday. I think my edge in Heads Up STTs is bigger than in normal STTs; however I might do some more experimenting with the "DONs". They are a strange breed of tournament, but I have done well in a small sample size, and might give them a shot to see if they can be more/as profitable than heads ups.

So my graph does include a few non-heads up STTs now, and now looks like this:

Played: 1248
Won: 677
Lost: 536
Win percentage: 53.9%
Total ROI: 5.75%
Avg. Profit per game: €1.81
Hourly Expectation: €18.41
(incorporates rakeback & leaderboard prizes)
Heads Up-Profit: €1700

STT Profit: €150
Limit Hold 'em Profit: -€50
Rakeback: €450
Leaderboard Prizes: €155
Day-One Starting Roll: €250
Tomorrow's Starting Roll: €980

Now I have a reasonable bankroll to work with, I might experiment a little with some cash game limit hold 'em over the next couple of days, depending on how I find it and how it goes. I'm really just trying to mix up what I'm playing to stay motivated...

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3 Comments to "€250 Challenge - Days 26-28"

Anonymous said...

Funny you should say that about HUP, I played a 1,000 or so over a couple of months and now the very thought of playing them makes me ill. I have a great record as well 16% ROI, I wonder if there something about that form of poker that really burns you out quickly.

Enjoy the blog Sir.

Unknown said...

16% ROI is ridic. impressive!!

It's funny how we don't feel like playing them even though we know they are profitable for us, don't you think!

Anonymous said...

A TD friend of mine laughed when I told him I felt knackerd after 10+ games of HUP! I can see why he would laugh but I needed to be playing with that level of intesity to win at a decent rate.

Ultimately though playing with that level of focus really put me off, I think that proves something to me and as much as I hate to admit it I'm just not suited to play HUP for profit or maybe even online at all, after all no point if you stop enjoying it.

Anyway good luck Sir, I have been reading through some of your back posts and think your approach to the game is exceptional.