January 09, 2009

€250 Challenge & New Years Resolutions

I had a bad end to the year 2008 in the poker world, and to help combat this downswing I have decided to try and build a roll from only €250. It's something I've wanted to do for a while, to prove to myself I am worth my salt as a poker player, and I have a little side bet on the go to keep me motivated.

I started on the 5th January and it's going verryyyy slowly. Am currently up to all of €400, and have earnt €50 of rakeback so far. Though I guess relatively speaking, it's a good start. I am also working may way up a weekly leaderboard to get some cash on the side...

Currently I'm playing heads ups of, the €10-€20 variety. So far I'm surprised at how good the standard is compared to the €100 Heads Ups I usually play. There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of difference, except for the occasional donk.

My New Years Resolutions for this year are simply:

  • Play within my bankroll
  • Have a break when too many buy-ins are lost
  • Don't play whilst tilting
  • Cash out from my bankroll at various intervals
  • To play longer sessions

I'll be keeping you posted on how the €250 challenge is going!

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2 Comments to "€250 Challenge & New Years Resolutions"

Greekstein said...

Hi mate nice blog

You missed one resolution out though - to update more so I'm less bored at work.

Could you link me up plz mate? I'm actually doing a similar challenge to you atm.

Unknown said...

Lol, I should update more,

Will link you in now...